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There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.

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Mental health is just as important as physical health! Here are some helpful guidelines to remember when you’re feeling down or need some inspiration. 
1. Forgive yourself. No matter what the situation is, holding in feelings of guilt will get you nowhere. Instead of dwelling on what happened, focus on the future. Feel guilty for splurging on junk food? Stop it! Theres no point in focusing on things you can’t change. Instead, reflect on the fun you had and how delicious the junk food was. You can’t change the past, so why constantly focus on it? Look to the future, the best is yet to come! 
2. Be nice to everything with a pulse. Whether its that spider over there in the corner of the room or the homeless man down the street, being mean will get you nowhere. Not only will being mean hurt those around you, it will also impact your happiness. Tip well, compliment everyone, and smile at people you’ve never met before. Who knows, you may just save someones life! 
3. Grow from every situation you’re in. Good or bad, learn to grow from every situation life throws at you. I promise everything’s going to be absolutely okay! Instead of thriving on feelings of anger and sadness, turn even the most negative situations into uplifting rebirths. Use a tough day or event to come alive again and focus on being a better person. 
4. Learn to be happy alone. You don’t need another person to validate your self worth, meaning, or existence. You are just as important single as you are in a relationship. Learn to have fun and appreciate yourself. Have spa nights, splurge on your favorite food, and enjoy some movies on netflix. Being single is a perfect time to focus on your inner needs and desires. 
5. Know when its time to work, but also make sure to have fun. Make sure to focus on your studies and work hard, but also make sure to have fun in the process. Go out on weekends. Go to the beach. Go shopping. Anything to help get you out of the house and having fun is perfect! Just make sure you stay responsible and keep up your studies. 
6. Let go of feelings of anxiety.  Stressing out, worrying, and constantly thinking negatively will improve nothing. When feelings of anxiety surface, go for a bike ride or play catchy music. Stressing out and worrying won’t change the outcome of anything and will only dampen your mood. Replace negative thoughts with reassuring thoughts such as “I know I aced that test!” and “I thought that job interview went pretty well!” What you think is what you are!
7. Realize Its OKAY to fail. No one is perfect. We will mess up from time to time. The beauty of it is: The sun always comes up in the morning. It’s not the end of the world! Learn and grow from your mistakes. You’re only human! 
8. Let go of people who constantly put you down. Surround yourself with people who love, cherish, and support you. Life is too short to be surrounded by mean people. Let go of people who only supply negative energy into your life. 
9. Be grateful everyday. Wake up everyday with a positive mindset because guess what? You’re alive! Be thankful for the bed you’re in, the people you know, the food you eat, the school you go to, anything and everything! Getting caught up in everyday life allows us to put on blinders to the small blessings we have. 
10. Always follow your heart. No matter what comes your way, always let your heart and intuition guide you. If your gut feeling is telling you do something, do it! Your intuition is much smarter than you think. When you face a hard decision, always follow your heart! 

Words of Emotion

Words of Emotion